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We are a tourist and travel agency founded by the initiative of Mrs. Magnolia Bengoa, born in the Andean community of Racchi, located in the Cusco department.

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Andean Enjoy Peru is specialized in adventure, ecological and traditional tourism.

For a satisfying service we have trained our people and equipped an experienced and profesional staff. The tutelar institutions of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Agriculture, the INRENA, the INC and other Peruvian organizations authorize to our company, which follows their regulations adequately, in order to protect the visitor. The records on the services we have been giving along these years, do not report any complaint or dissatisfaction. As an operator, we feel very satisfied for the aceptation we have acquired in the world market. This is why we try to improve our quality of service, training constantly to our staff, supported by the DIRCETUR (Regional Tourism Direction).

Andean Enjoy Peru

Many of our personnel has been born and grown in peasant communities and provinces of Cusco. The most of them are porters, who are supported by the Unique Front of Porters. Besides, we are committed to safeguarding the ecosystem and to open new routes for the national and international tourism.

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