Inca Trail Machu Picchu 5D/4N

Inca trail to Machu Picchu 4 D

Inca trail to Machu Picchu 2 D

Salkantay Inca Trail 7D

Inca Jungle Trail Machu Picchu 4 D

Inca Jungle 3 D

Inca Trail Mauqallaqta 2 D

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Salkantay to Machupicchu 5 D

Choquequirao 4 D

Choquequirao - Machu Picchu 8D

Ausangate 7 D

Ausangate 4 D

Lares Valley 4 D

Huchuyqosqo 2 D


City Tour Cusco

Sacred Valley

South Valley

Maras Moray

Machu Picchu by Train 1 day

Machu Picchu by Car 2 D
Machu Picchu by Train 2






Puno and Titicaca Lake 3 D

Titicaca Lake 2 D

Puno 1 day


Colca Canyon 2 D

Colca Canyon 3 D

Petroglifos 1 day







Andean Enjoy Perú is committed to real ecotourism. We have many years experience in operating camping tours which help to make the nature experience complete; but if you prefer we can also provide you with lodge stays (during or after the tour).

We work work hard to limit our environmental impact on the indigenous cultures of Manu and work together with local naturalist guides with many years of guiding experience in Manu. Most of the guides have grown up in Manu and have been working (in research projects) and living in the rainforest; They are very experienced in wildlife spotting, recognizing birds and mammals by sound and sight. They can imitate the animals to call them closer, as well as giving you the scientific names of the animals we see. We use binoculars and telescopes so that you can get a closer view of the animals.

Our guides are bilingual (English/Spanish) and on request we can provide guide tours in German.

Abdean Enjoy Perú offers tours from Cusco to the Manu National Park or to the Manu BioStation, a private reserve adjacent to the National Park. - A trip to the untouched rainforest with plenty of undisturbed wildlife!

The Manu National Park was created in 1973 and established a Biosphere reserve in 1977; in 1987 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, due to the world's highest biodiversity in Manu. It is one of the largest and most important conservation units of the world, it protects an entire virgin watershed, covering altitudinal ranges from 200 m to 4100 m above sea level.

On the various tours that we offer you will pass through different habitats of the Andes: cloud forest and lowland rainforest. In Manu you have the best opportunities to observe wildlife on the trails or along the Manu, Madre de Dios and Blanco Rivers.
You have the chance to see the Giant Otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) in oxbow-lakes, Black and White Caimans (Melanosuchus niger, Caiman crocodylus), Harpy Eagles (Harpia harpyja), Jaguar, Giant Anteaters, Collared Peccaries, Tapirs (Tapirus terrestris), Capybaras, deer, 13 species of monkeys, Toucans (10 species), Macaws (7 species), Storks and an incredible number of other colourful birds.
Manu is famous for its Biodiversity. So far more than 1000 species of birds have been registered, more than 200 species of mammals among them 13 species of monkeys, and 15,000 species of flowering plants.

Why to go on a trip to Manu with Andean Life?
We use only experienced Manu guides, who want to show you the best of Manu, and provide you with an unique and ecological rainforest experience at a fair price. Being partners of the Manu BioStation and Maquisapayoj we can show you a very special part of Manu. You will learn a lot!

Why go to Manu ?
Manu is situated away from civilisation and is one of the world's great wilderness areas where wildlife is still undisturbed and plentiful. Manu's primary rainforest offers an extraordinarily high wildlife density and – more important for the visitor - : big-mammal and macaw salt licks where the animals concentrate and it is easy to observe them. Some birds are endemic to this area as e.g. Rufous Fronted Antthrush (Formicarios rufifrons), Black-faced Cotinga (Conioptilon mcilhennyi), Manu Antbird (Cercomacra manu) and White Cheeked Tody Tyrant (Poecilotriccus albifacies).
No other area in America offers such excellent viewing of rare or difficult to observe animals.

Why go to BioStation and Maquisapayoj?
The Manu BioStation and Maquisapayoj are situated in pristine primary rainforest. BioStation is on the small, undisturbed Rio Blanco. Both places are surrounded by plenty of private walking trails to discover, ideal to observe animals, especially at the nearby oxbow-lakes and at the licks. Nobody else around in hundreds of kilometres of rainforest!

Ecotourism and Conservation
Ecotourism is an important economic activity for the inhabitants of the rainforest that permits its use without destroying the rainforest resources. That's why it's very important to involve local people in Manu tourism!

Most of the rainforest flora and fauna is not visible to the visitor at first sight. It depends very much on the knowledge, skills and experience of your guide, if you will see something of the beauty of the rainforest or just pass by. – But you also need to bring some luck

Activities on our trips include : Natural History, Birdwatching, Photography, Platform Camping, Hiking, Nightwalks, Canoeing, Rafting, Fishing







Nazca 1 day

Ica and Huacachina 2 D


Manu Nature Tour

Manu Ecological

Manu Bio - Station 8 D

Manu National park 8 D

Manu Rafting 7 D

Manu Cultural 4 D

Manu Exploring  4 D

Manu Exploring  3 D

Manu Bird Watching Program 11 D

Tambopata Ecological Tours

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Misterious Sandoval Lake 3 D

Spectacular Forest 4 D

Macaw Claylick 3 D

Macaw Clay Lick/ Sandoval Lake 4 d

Collpacolorado - Sena Peru - Bolivia 8 D


Cusco and its Charm 5 D

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