Inca Trail Machu Picchu 5D/4N

Inca trail to Machu Picchu 4 D

Inca trail to Machu Picchu 2 D

Salkantay Inca Trail 7D

Inca Jungle Trail Machu Picchu 4 D

Inca Jungle 3 D

Inca Trail Mauqallaqta 2 D

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Salkantay to Machupicchu 5 D

Choquequirao 4 D

Choquequirao - Machu Picchu 8D

Ausangate 7 D

Ausangate 4 D

Lares Valley 4 D

Huchuyqosqo 2 D


City Tour Cusco

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Machu Picchu by Train 1 day

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Puno and Titicaca Lake 3 D

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Colca Canyon 2 D

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Petroglifos 1 day







Price per Person : 830 US $, incl. flight to Cusco (min. 2 Pers.)

Fixed departures for Manu 2007
March: 8, 22.
April: 5, 12, 19, 26.
May: 3., 7., 10, 14., 17., 21., 24., 28.
June: 4., 7., 11., 14., 18., 21., 25., 28.
July: 2., 5., 9., 12., 16., 19., 23., 26., 30.
August: 2., 6., 9., 13., 16., 20., 23., 27., 30.
September: 6., 13., 20.,27.
October: 4., 11., 18., 25.
November: 1., 8., 15., 22., 29.
December: 6., 13., 20., 27.

DAY 1: CUSCO TO PILCOPATA: We take an 11 hours bus trip from the city of Cusco ascending to the high mountain area at 4200 m (14,000 feet). After a short stop in Ninamarca, to see the pre-Inca cemetery, and Paucartambo village, we descend the eastern slopes of the Andes through cloud forest with lush vegetation (ferns, orchids, etc.) to the lowland rainforest on the Madre de Dios and Manu Rivers. You will enjoy spectacular views of the Andes and may see wildlife such as our national bird, the Cock of the Rocks (Rupicola peruviana) inside a hiding place next to the lek, brilliantly colored Tanagers and Hummingbirds and with some luck the first monkeys, as e.g. the Wooly Monkey. We spend the night in a lodge in Pilcopata town.

DAY 2: PILCOPATA TO SERJALI: Early in the morning we drive ˝ hour to Atalaya where we prepare our raft and descend the upper Madre de Dios River for around 6 hours. Today we have the opportunity to see wildlife along the rocky banks of the river, such as Fasciated Tiger Herons, Purplish Jays, King Vultures and some of the 13 species of monkeys that live in Manu. In the afternoon we arrive to the area of Serjali and camp on the beach.

DAY 3: SERJALI TO BOCA MANU: After an early breakfast we continue in our raft floating downriver and arriving in the afternoon to Boca Manu village and spend the night in the lodge. Again the chances for seen wildlife, such as caimans, birds and monkeys, are VERY good because of the (silent) raft.

DAY 4: BOCA MANU TO MAQUISAPAYOJ: Early in the morning we go to explore the lake in Boca Manu which is a very good place to see Giant River Otters and many birds. After exploring the lake we go by boat for 2 ˝ hours to Maquisapayoj (place of the Black Spider Monkey). Here we walk to the Mammal Salt Lick in the afternoon and spend the night in the specially made platform to observe tapirs at night.

DAY 5: MAQUISAPAYOJ TO BLANQUILLO: After exploring the trails around Maquisapayoj we travel downriver for half an hour to get to Blanquillo, our base camp for the next days. We visit Cocha (lake) Blanco to observe the family of Giant River Otters, monkeys (e.g. Red Howler Monkey), caimans and different varieties of birds. Our camp is at Blanquillo. Optional nightwalk ( to see frogs, insects, snakes etc.) before dinner and a shower!

DAY 6: BLANCO MACAW LICK: Early in the morning we go to the Macaw Clay Lick. From a blind we can observe flocks of Macaws (Ara chloroptera, - macao), Parrots and Parakeets arriving to eat the clay. After the spectacle we continue exploring the trails around Blanquillo. We spend the night in Blanquillo.

DAY 7: BLANQUILLO TO CUSCO: Early in the morning we drive to Boca Manu airstrip and fly back to Cusco.

Things you should bring for the Manu Trip:

ˇ     mosquito repellent

ˇ    long sleeved shirts (cotton is better)

ˇ    cotton socks

ˇ    sandals

ˇ    rain gear

ˇ    long pants

ˇ    bathing suit

ˇ    hiking shoes

ˇ    binoculars (you can also rent them from)

ˇ    camera and films (400 and 200 ASA)

ˇ    plastic bags for clothes and camera etc.

ˇ    personal things (soap, toilet paper. towel etc.)

ˇ    hat (or handkerchief)

ˇ    sun blocker, sun glasses

ˇ    sleeping bag (can also be rented)

ˇ    flashlight (with spare bulb and batteries)

ˇ    day pack

ˇ    rubber boots ( only in rainy season, Jan. -April)

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Nazca 1 day

Ica and Huacachina 2 D


Manu Nature Tour

Manu Ecological

Manu Bio - Station 8 D

Manu National park 8 D

Manu Rafting 7 D

Manu Cultural 4 D

Manu Exploring  4 D

Manu Exploring  3 D

Manu Bird Watching Program 11 D

Tambopata Ecological Tours

About Tambopata

Misterious Sandoval Lake 3 D

Spectacular Forest 4 D

Macaw Claylick 3 D

Macaw Clay Lick/ Sandoval Lake 4 d

Collpacolorado - Sena Peru - Bolivia 8 D


Cusco and its Charm 5 D

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