Inca Trail Machu Picchu 5D/4N

Inca trail to Machu Picchu 4 D

Inca trail to Machu Picchu 2 D

Salkantay Inca Trail 7D

Inca Jungle Trail Machu Picchu 4D

Inca Jungle 3 D

Inca Trail Mauqallaqta 2 D

Inca Trail Tips


Salkantay to Machupicchu 5 D

Choquequirao 4 D

Choquequirao - Machu Picchu 8D

Ausangate 7 D

Ausangate 4 D

Lares Valley 4 D

Huchuyqosqo 2 D


City Tour Cusco

Sacred Valley

South Valley

Maras Moray

Machu Picchu by Train 1 day

Machu Picchu by Car 2 D
Machu Picchu by Train 2 D





Puno and Titicaca Lake 3 D

Titicaca Lake 2 D

Puno 1 day


Colca Canyon 2 D

Colca Canyon 3 D

Petroglifos 1 day




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Trail Inka


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Inca Trail Tips






Nazca 1 day

Ica and Huacachina 2 D


Manu Nature Tour

Manu Ecological

Manu Bio - Station 8 D

Manu National park 8 D

Manu Rafting 7 D

Manu Cultural 4 D

Manu Exploring  4 D

Manu Exploring  3 D

Manu Bird Watching Program 11 D

Tambopata Ecological Tours

About Tambopata

Misterious Sandoval Lake 3 D

Spectacular Forest 4 D

Macaw Claylick 3 D

Macaw Clay Lick/ Sandoval Lake 4 d

Collpacolorado - Sena Peru - Bolivia 8 D


Cusco and its Charm 5 D

Tailor Made Tours


Living in  Peruvian Communities


Tips to Travel




Inca Trail & Travel Peru Testimonials