Inca Trail Machu Picchu 5D/4N

Inca trail to Machu Picchu 4 D

Inca trail to Machu Picchu 2 D

Salkantay Inca Trail 7D

Inca Jungle Trail 4 D

Inca Jungle 3 D

Inca Trail Mauqallaqta 2 D

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Salkantay 5 D

Choquequirao 4 D

Choquequirao - Machu Picchu

Ausangate 7 D

Ausangate 4 D

Lares Valley 4 D

Huchuyqosqo 2 D


City Tour Cusco

Sacred Valley

South Valley

Maras Moray

Machu Picchu by Train 1 day

Machu Picchu by Car 2 D
Machu Picchu by Train 2






Puno and Titicaca Lake 3 D

Titicaca Lake 2 D

Puno 1 day


Colca Canyon 2 D

Colca Canyon 3 D

Petroglifos 1 day



Inca Trail & Travel Peru Testimonials



It was a comfortable trekking with spectacular views, we met no much tourist and slept in good tents. What we appreciated was that our guide fixed everything we wanted. We enjoyed Adean Enjoy Peru. Is marvelous and exciting, we surely recommend this agency.




This trekking tour was wonderful. that is the word that describes the best every single minute of our adventure.
Everything was just perfectly set (stops, snacks, restaurant, hotel, transport, paths to walk...)
The guide for the 3 first days was the best. He told us a lot about history, plants, fruits, villages. He was also the reference of other guides. Sometimes it was so easy to think about every detail and be sure that everything was going to be allright. Put your trust in this company!
I did and I will never regret it.
Jimmy (the guide), we love you! good luck in the future.
We enjoyed your simplicity.
Thanks to Raphael very much.

Stéphanie Lagotte, Canada, Quebec The French part!



The Ausangate circuit is the most beautiful walk I’ve done in South America. I saw lots of wildlife, alpacas, llamas, vizcachas and Andean duchess. I also had the good fortune to visiting an Andean Party in UPIS. I saw snow capped mountains, green and yellow lakes and spectaculars views from the mountain passes. I was hugely impressed by Andean Enjoy Perú.  I’ll always have very good memories of the Ausangate Circuit.



The way to the trek has been nice, I appreciate all the trek and specially our guides and our cook, 6 they worked very well.

The main guide is very competent, he was gentle, kind, took care of all of us, told us about Inca Culture, about the nature, and everything was very interesting.




There were a number of things during this tour that exceeded my expectations: Quality of the food was excellent. Diversity of the trail was amazing. The porters and the cook did a great job; they were always ready for us. The hot water on 3rd day morning was such a nice experience.

The two guides were very nice and friendly with us. I enjoyed the trip very much.

Jerson kauftman



The Ausangate circuit is the most beautiful walk I have done in South America . Along the trek I saw lots of wildlife alpacas, llamas, vizcachas and an Andean duchess. I also had the good fortune of visiting an Andean party in the village of Upis. I saw snow – capped mountains, green and yellow lakes, and spectacular views from the mountain passes. The trip was sounded off by relaxing in a water thermal bath in Pacchanta.

I was hugely impressed by Andean Enjoy Peru. Jorge, our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. Renato, our cook was excellent. We ate three hot meals every day and the standard was generally high. In fact, the portion were too big at times . Normally I need a sandwich at lunch. Our muleteers Cyprian and Raul were very helpful too. I have been on quite a few treks in South America and I would recommend Andean Enjoy Perú as the best , thanks to the brilliance of Jorge and Renato. I will always have very nice memories at the Ausangate circuit.

Danian Hampson

Nationality : Irlanda

Salkantay with Andean Enjoy Perú

05 September – 09

The trip was the best and the most difficult of my life. The scenery was amazing, every time I looked up I could hardly believe where I was at times, it took my breath  away. Other times the pain and the pure exhaustion of the hike brought tears to my eyes. It was much, much, much, more difficult than I ever imagined it to be. At times

I thought there was no way I calmed possibly walk are step more. But I did and the rewards were worth it. Jorge was patient, he never offered a cross word or a patronizing attitude. By the end of the first day I believed that he cared for us and trusted him completely. I claimed not have asked for a better guide and I wanted recommend him highly to amazons wishing to do a similar hike.

Freddy was also very patient with us; we were unaccustomed to the food and at times too exhausted to eat, but Freddy never acted offended or upset. He was very pleasant . I was pleased that he accompanied us all the way to Aguas Calientes. He will make an excellent guide one day.

Jorge, Freddy and Franco, worked very very hard. It is impressive, then go beyond the call of the Dutch to make sure their travel are safe secure and as comfortable as possible.

The trek is very hard and I think we were not only unaccustomed but perhaps  unprepared and unqualified nonetheless, it was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Sarah Porter..

Nationality: U.S.A


Salkantay with Gorge and Fredy

All the works were wonderful. Franco was very kind and did help with some thing. Freddy did very help too and he was a good cook. We had very good lock for had a guide like Gorge , he know all about of the region, including the History of Peru and the names and uses of all plants. He always stopped for teach us some thing interesting about the way. The most important was that he was very patient with us. The most of the time we couldn’t walk fathering but, he always waited us and did help us to cross the difficult parts of the way when we had some problem, Gorge had to met reached a way and he always was very happy .

My only suggestion is that in the future, the persons that are in the office of the agency must tell in detail how hard this way is, even though it was beautiful and I’m happy that I had the experience the way was very hard for us, they must tell to the people that the way of Salkantay is to the people with very experience walking on the mountains

Even all though it was very difficult. I recommended the guide to my best friends.

05de September-09

Catita Perron

Nationality: U.S.A




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