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Salkantay 5 days

Choquequirao 4 days

Choquequirao - Machu Picchu

Ausangate 7 days

Ausangate 4 days

Lares Valley 4 days

Huchuyqosqo 2 days


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Located over the oriental heart of the Andes, situated in the Cusco south, Ausangate (6.333 above sea level) is considered an Apu or tutelary divinity to country towns of the Peruvian Andean south. We use a track  partially asphalted wich is the access to this amazing mountain, taking the route from Tinki. You need to be in good fitness for this ramble because it could be around seven or twelve days and you may feel malaise becuse of the heights and the sudden change of temperature.

The experience we have as an agency makes us a confident company and therefore you can always  trust in our services in the same way you feel confident with the local guides. You can see both an Andean spectacular scene and Quechuas villages that continue living in a very typical style (developing communal agriculture and raising llamas, alpacas, vicuñas etc).


Day 1 Cusco to Tinqui (3,800m):

We leave Cusco about 09.00 for the 7-hour bus ride to the small village of Tinqui. We pass through beautiful a countryside and several traditional villages including Urcos, Cattca and Ocangate, where we will have the opportunity to stop for a while and take some photos. We spend the first night in a small hostal in Tinqui.


Day 2 From Tinqui to Upis (4,400m):

We'll set off on the trek at about 09.00. The first 3 hours, until the  lunch time. This stretch will be a great introduction to the magnificent scenery of the Cordillera Vilcanota, with great views of the Ausangate mountain. After lunch it is only another 2 hours trek until we reach the hot springs at Urpis which offer fantastic views of the Ausangate at the end of the valley. This is, naturally, a great place for camping to spend the night.


Day 3 From Urpis to Lake Jatun Puqa Q'ocha:

During the 3 hours trek in the morning we will hike the first pass, the Arapa pass (4,850m). From this pass we continue 3½ hours down the valley until we reach the turquoise Lake Jatun Puqa Q'ocha passing the green lake of Puqa Q'ocha on the way. We will set up camp here. From campsite you can climb the small ridge north of the camp to see the Lake Vino Q'ocha The views of Ausangate are particularly close up and spectacular. Camping beside Jatun Puqa Q'ocha you may find that you are kept awake at night by the sound of dramatic ice falls into the lake, but do not worry there`s nothing to fear.


Day 4 From Lake Jatun Puqa Q'ocha to Pampacancha:

In the morning we ascend the second pass of Apuchata (4,900m) with the turquoise Laguna Ausangate Q'ocha below. This lake is fed with the melting snow of the Ausangate. From the lake we ascend to the Palomani pass (5,200m), the highest point of the trek. From the pass we follow the trail into the valley where we'll rest and have lunch. Another hour of trekking brings us to our campsite at Pampacancha.


Day 5 From Pampacancha to Q'omer Q'ocha:

During the morning we'll see the snowy peaks of Tres Picos and Puca Punta. We will continue toward the east  through the broad green valley of Pampa Jutunpata and up the Rio Q'ampa valley. After passing through the small community of Q'ampa we will North west to the last pass of this hike, the Q'ampa pass (5000m). We will see several different coloured lakes, the final lake being Q'oma Q'ocha. We will camp beside this beautiful green turquoise lake.


Day 6 From Qomer Q'ocha to Pacchanta:

We'll have an easy day trekking for only about 2½ hours, until we arrive at the small village of Pacchanta. You will have the opportunity to rest and relax in the hot thermal springs for a couple of hours, and even have a well-deserved beer! We will set up our camp near Pacchanta and you will have the afternoon free to explore this interesting Andean village.


Day 7 From Pacchanta to Cusco:

It's a 3 hours trek back to Tinqui where we'll say goodbye to our muleteers and take the bus back to Cusco, arriving at about 18.00. You'll have just enough time to have a hot shower and a meal before hitting the nightclubs!.










Nazca 1 day

Ica and Huacachina 2 D


Manu Nature Tour

Manu Ecological

Manu Bio - Station 8 D

Manu National park 8 D

Manu Rafting 7 D

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Manu Exploring  4 D

Manu Exploring  3 D

Manu Bird Watching Program 11 D

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Misterious Sandoval Lake 3 D

Spectacular Forest 4 D

Macaw Claylick 3 D

Macaw Clay Lick/ Sandoval Lake 4 d

Collpacolorado - Sena Peru - Bolivia 8 D


Cusco and its Charm 5 D

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