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This so called lost city, whose name means "cradle of gold" in Quechua was one of the last refuges of the Incas in times of the conquest. This prodigy of architecture fascinated the 19th century explorers like Hiram Bingham who visited it two years before discovering Machu Picchu.

Long time ago abandoned and taken over by the lush vegetation of the cloudforest, it has only been cleared and restored partially over the last couple of years and there is still a lot to discover about this enigmatic site. On this adventurous route abandoned since long ago, we`ll experience from the Incan roads off the beaten paths, climbing high passes and exploring the mysteries of the rich and enigmatic cloudforest, we combine the two major archaeological sites in the area: the remote Choquequirao that is seldom visited with the famous and legendary Machupicchu. A unique adventure that brings you back to the fascinating past of this area and makes you want to explore more.




CUSCO - CACHORA - CHIQUISQA: Early in the morning we`ll take a scenic bus which in a ride over the Andes we`ll take us in about 4 hours to the village of Cachora where we meet up with our wranglers. Here we start with a gentle hike along an old mining road to the Kapulyoq Pass (2800 m) from where we can enjoy the first breath-taking view of the deep Apurimac Canyon and the majestic surrounding snow peaks. After a rest we start our approx. 3 hours descent on a dusty rural path towards our first camp at the oasis of Chiquiska (1800 m).


CHIQUISKA - CHOQUEQUIRAO: After having breakfast we continue our descent to the valley floor where we cross the thundering Apurimac river over a modern suspension bridge (1495 m.a.s.l.). From here we climb a long steep and hot path (appr. 5 hours) to our destination: The enigmatic and impressive archaeological complex of Choquequirao. We arrive just in time to enjoy a fantastic sunset over the deep canyon and the surrounding mountains (3000 m).


CHOQUEQUIRAO: During the morning we`ll visit the restored section of Choquequirao and explore the parts that are still covered by the lush cloud forest vegetation. With luck we may get the latest news regarding discoveries, excavations, cleaning and restoration process from the archaeologists of COPESCO working on site. After lunch those who choose can visit the Cascade House (restored constructions and terraces some 300 m below the main constructions of Choquequirao) and we can help with the preparation of a typical Pachamanca (traditional earth oven dish). From the highest point, El Usno, we can enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the magical Apurimac canyon and with luck a majestic condor may pass by.


CHOQUEQUIRAO - MAIZAL: After a fortifying breakfast we start hiking early as we have a long distance ahead of us. A short but steep climb brings us up to the ridge from where we have a last panoramic view of Choquequirao and the Apurimac canyon below. A 1 hour descent leads us to the archaeological site of Pinchaunuyoc, still covered by vegetation. After visiting the constructions we continue our dusty descent to Rio Blanco, where we can refresh ourselves during our lunch break. A steep, dusty and hot climb brings us to our camp at Maizal in the afternoon.


MAIZAL - YANAMA: Once again we take advantage of the cool morning air to start hiking. During our climb over the rural and Inca paths we gain altitude quickly and the vegetation changes from cloud forest to high Andean grassland. From the San Juan Pass we can enjoy fantastic views of the surrounding snow peaks, including Pumasillo (Puma's Claw). After a delicious lunch we continue our hike with a 2 hour descent, passing some abandoned silver mines (narrow paths with sheer drops) until we reach the community of Yanama. From here it's a gentle climb to our campsite.


YANAMA - BATIA PAQUISKA: Today we hike amid snowy peaks, climbing up to La Rinconada Pass where we have lunch. In the afternoon we start our long descent towards the high cloud forest, arriving in the late afternoon at our beautiful campsite at Batía Paquiska.


BATIA PAQUISKA - LA PLAYA: An easy walk along the Salkamayo River, through the increasingly lushy vegetation, passing waterfalls, passion fruit and coffee plantations. In the afternoon we arrive at our campsite at the village of la Playa (2155 m.a.s.l.), where we can refresh ourselves in the river before dinner.


LA PLAYA - LLAQTAPATA - AGUAS CALIENTES:  After having breakfast we cross the river and start climbing - passing through coffee plantations- up to the Mirador (2860 m.) from where we have an exceptional view of the Lost City of the Incas: legendary Machupicchu, from an unusual angle. We enjoy our last lunch from the vantage point of Llaqtapata (2650 m) from where we can view both Machupicchu and Salkantay and take a good rest. A 2 hour descent brings us to the hydro-electric plant of Machupicchu from where we reach the village of Aguas Calientes in the late afternoon. Here we can choose to relax in the natural hot springs before dinner and a well-earned rest in our hotel.


MACHUPICCHU - CUSCO:  After an early breakfast we take the first bus up to Machupicchu to enjoy the sunrise in this magical place before the first tourists arrive from Cusco. We enjoy this enigma in the company of an experienced guide. We`ll have enough free time to explore the site by ourselves or do some hikes before we descend to Aguas Calientes in the afternoon. Train ride back to Cusco, transfer to the hotel and overnight.










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